Music Reviews? No thanks.

Is it me or are music reviews a load of old tosh?

As an avid music fan I like to know about upcoming releases and discover that great band that haven’t been given a record deal, but I find the only way of doing this is to cruise the web all day in the hope that I may stumble across something I like. I used to go sites such as to read their reviews, but after a while I realised that the majority of what I read was simply wordy rants which gave little reflection of what the music actually sounded like. Prime example: “Even Meade’s mildly twee idealism, which means a fistful of her songs are perfect candidates for yoof drama, can’t stop this from shining warmly.” Eh???

Whilst I realise that music is obviously a very subjective thing so in essence difficult to review, I don’t see what value exists in being told that a song ‘shines warmly’. All I really need to know is a few bands that it may be loosely compared to and a sample so I can judge it for myself.

This requirement is beautifully filled by sites such as and Spotify, which provide people with a great platform for discovering new music. With these sites becoming better and better known it puts the job of the music reviewer on borrowed time. Why read someone else’s opinion when you can draw your own conclusions? And decide for yourself if it ‘shines warmly’…


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