Having been lucky enough to see many places in my short life time, i think my favourite stop has been Honduras. I spent a year there teaching before university and lived in a small village, teaching at the local school. It was this trip that sparked my passion for travel and since then i have travelled in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Each of these journeys were fantastic in their own right, but none were quite the same as living in one place and becoming immersed in a different culture. Being able to experience a completely different community was extremely rewarding and it was very difficult to leave when the end of the year suddenly loomed.

Whilst i loved the adventure and freedom of carrying all my belongings on my back, i found it hard to gain a true feeling of the places i was visiting whilst skipping from place to place. It has left me with hundreds of ideas of places i’d love to return to for longer periods, though i wonder if i did get sufficient time to take an extended break would i go back to a place i’ve already visited over discovering somewhere new?

This is the irony of the ‘travelling bug’, you can discover so many incredible places, but once you’ve arrived all you can dream of is moving on to the next one.


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