How ironic that the year the folks at Wimbledon finally decide to stick a roof on Centre Court we have the best 2 weeks of weather in memory. And the only occasion over those 2 weeks that the roof actually came into play nearly resulted in our very own Muzza getting knocked out. Eventually he managed to squeeze through of course, but in the end couldn’t give the British public what they wanted, a first British winner at SW19 since Fred Perry in 1936. £380 million well spent…

In the end it was another Andy, Murray’s conqueror Roddick, who was the fan’s favourite on final day. This was an incredible turn around from just two days before when everyone in the UK was willing the American to crumble and maintain the hopes of a British winner. But it wasn’t to be and Roddick’s humility following the victory put him firmly in the fan’s good books when he returned on final day. Villain to hero in the space of two days, how fickle we are. The curse of being the fan favourite struck again though and Roddick couldn’t bring home the trophy despite not having his serve broken by Federer until the very last game after more than 4 hours play.

My highlight from the weekend though was Tim Henman’s rise from Wimbledon nearly man to Pundit Extraordinaire. I thought he provided some great insight throughout the fortnight without trying to overpower the old hands. I also enjoyed the fact that the other commentators reverted back using ‘Henman Hill’ rather than ‘Murray Mount’ while Tim was around! The high point though came in the final when Henman asked Boris Becker who he thought was going to win the third set tie break. Boris skirted around the question and, following a moment’s silence as the next point was played out, Tim popped up again: “the risk for Boris now is splinters in the bum if he sits on the fence any longer.” Who needs the Wimbledon trophy when you’ve got chat like that?


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