Charlie Winston’s War

It’s amazing how the world of music works. Some artists can be the most successful of their generation in one country and a total flunk in the next, seemingly independent of their talent or tastes of the market. Often it just comes down to a lucky break, whether that be a stray producer spotting talent at a pub or being picked up by a stella marketing force.

I came across Charlie Winston a couple of years ago at a Tom Baxter gig in Manchester. I’d been a fan of Baxter for a while, had seen him a few times and still found it hard to believe that he hadn’t hit ‘The Big Time’. This was shortly before he had a hit with ‘Better’ which was subsequently played on Radio 2 for what seemed like every hour for more than a month. Charlie was the support act at the gig and played some interesting stuff, much of which i really enjoyed. It then transpired that he was in fact Tom’s brother which made me think that maybe he was just jumping on the bandwagon and was unlikely to match the success of his brother.

So i couldn’t believe it when i read this week that he has outsold Coldplay and U2 in France. Apparently a French record label had picked up his CD and things had exploded from there. Recently he played at a festival in Nice and was originally scheduled to appear before Duffy but after his recent success there the organisers bumped Duffy down the order so Charlie was the final act (i’m sure the Diet Coke ad with her on a bike contributed too)! Now he can’t walk around Paris without being mobbed.

So there you have it, if you’re a musician struggling for success in the UK you should just move to Paris. Oh, and wear a trilby.



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