Football’s not for everyone

Most young lads grow up dreaming of the chance of becoming a professional footballer. They watch their heroes on the telly every week and wish they had the ability and fortune to get to that level one day. For the majority this remains as a dream as they grow up to sit in an office somewhere and continue to watch the professionals on the telly. For a select, very fortunate, few the dream becomes a reality and all the hard work pays off.

So the news that Shane Supple of Ipswich Town was giving up the game last week came as a huge shock to nearly every football fan out there i’m sure. Supple was a goalkeeper for Ipswich Town, he had represented Republic of Ireland at Under 21 level and had bright hopes for the future. However, he decided that he had fallen out of love with the game and wanted to pursue another career.

I think it’s an amazing decision given the amount of effort that must have gone in to getting to where he is now. He will have been at a professional club for nearly 10 years, has sacrificed his education to a certain extent and has finally reached the point where all that effort finally bears fruit. As crazy a decision as it sounds though, i think it must have taken a huge amount of strength and echo Roy Keane in having a great respect for him for doing it.

I still can’t believe it though. Absolutely crazy.


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