You’re only cheating yourself.

It seems like every single sporting event these days needs to be investigated by MI5 to ensure that the result is in fact the correct one and hasn’t be affected by foul play, match fixing or rule breaking.Whether it’s Formula 1, Athletics or Rugby it seems all sport is getting dragged into a dirty mire where enjoying the sport you love seems low on the list of priorities and political wrangling sits in pride of place.

Formula 1 is the most recent to fall at the feet of controversy with race fixing allegations all but confirmed by the departure of Renault decision makers Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds this week. When Nelson Piquet Jnr made the allegations that he had been told to crash his F1 car on purpose many found it hard to believe, so the fact it has turned out to be true has shocked people in F1 and the sporting world in general. This takes the biscuit in terms of sporting cheats in my opinion and has certainly further spiced up a Formula 1 paddock already rabid with political intrigue.

The season of sporting scandals was properly kicked off by the Harlequins ‘Bloodgate’ saga. I’m sure the use of underhand tomfoolery is rife in many sports and goes undetected, so Harlequins were really only guilty of being found out. However, as serious as their actions were, they never put anyone’s life in danger (as with Piquet’s 170mph smash) and i don’t think these can be compared to Renault’s wrongdoings. The only person who may have been slightly hurt was Tom Williams when the club ‘doctor’ sliced his mouth open to provide him with his first genuine injury of the day.

Then there’s athletics and Caster Semenya, where i don’t think anyone can suggest that there has been any overt cheating, just a horribly handled enquiry into which category she/he should be competing in. I can’t imagine a situation where not only your sporting integrity is questioned, but so is your biological identity. How Semenya went on to win that race after all the fuss is beyond me. Let’s hope that inquiry is finished soon and she can get back to doing what she does best, winning races. If she’s allowed to run with the women of course, her time was 10 seconds off the winning men’s time…

The lengths people go to in order to succeed in sport are incredible and i’m sure that these examples are just a few amongst a much larger amount of misgivings that take place undiscovered. The only real mistake these particular ones made was getting caught. In hindsight they might as well have taken a leaf out of Emmanuel Adebayor’s book and just kicked their opponents in the face.


3 Responses to “You’re only cheating yourself.”

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