X Factor ‘Judges’ Pass the Buck

Remember when Will Young won Pop Idol when he was up against Gareth Gates? Since then Will has gone on to great things, releasing numerous number 1 albums, countless hit singles and even branching out into the acting world. Despite coming second Gareth also went on to achieve a lot as did the irrepressible Darius Danesh who finished third. This success was down to the fact that they were selected as the best out of thousands, partly by the public, but mainly by professional judges who wanted to discover the greatest musical talent in the bunch. This proved to be a good formula but it has been tampered with so much that the programme that Pop Idol became, X Factor, has lost a lot of its value and is too focused on Saturday night entertainment rather than allowing the best performers to progress.

Recent weeks have seen the show lose some good (if not great) singers in Lucie and Jamie, and yet Lloyd and the phenomenon that is Jedward have continued to survive. The main reason behind this is that the judges seem so intent on avoiding their one job, judging, so that we can experience the ‘drama’ that is provided by DEADLOCK. Except, it’s not drama if we know it’s going to happen every week is it? I’m not a Simon Cowell hater like many people, but he gave the game away when he allowed the public to decide who should go out of Lucie and Jedward. It would seem he’s more interested in headlines than allowing talent to flourish, which even frustrates me a bit as an apathetic viewer so I can’t imagine how Lucie feels as someone whose dreams have been dashed.

Another thing that narks me is the team system that has been introduced with the judges. How are we supposed to value the their opinion when they appear to simply do whatever it takes to keep their own acts in the competition? Fair enough, allocate a judge to each act to be their mentor, but if they’re not good enough then tell them so and vote them off. There’s a tactical voting element to everything the judges say and do now that basically makes everything they say irrelevant. And then they don’t even judge at the end so I’m not sure what they do at all other than take the mick out of Louis and ensure we get DEADLOCK week after week.

Let’s go back to the old days, everyone sings, the judges say if it was good or not and the best ones win. Simples.


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