Silverstone 2010 – All just a clever PR rouse?

With the announcement on Monday that Silverstone will definitely be on the Formula 1 calender for 2010 we saw a rush for tickets which resulted in record sales for the race, with more than 6,500 tickets sold by Tuesday morning and bringing in a (rumoured) £1.2 million. What a turn around from 6 months ago when we thought there was going to be no more F1 at Silverstone and the F1 paddock was heading over to Donington Park.  If someone had forecast then that we would be back at Silverstone in 2010 as normal they would have been a very brave man.

But has all this drama actually helped attract interest in the race? I agree with Andrew Benson that the saga has been drawn out to almost tedious levels, but I can’t help thinking that without all this indecision, back biting and uncertainty we wouldn’t have seen ticket sales of such magnitude. Had Donington Park’s proposal been rejected originally and Silverstone confirmed for 17 years i don’t believe there would have been the rush we saw this week and the desperation of fans to see their heroes on one of F1’s most famous and history steeped circuits.

Now, i’m not suggesting the Donington deal wasn’t genuine, nor that there haven’t been disagreements between Mr Ecclestone and the BRDC, but the fact that it has gone on for so long and fans were left so unsure if they’d ever get to visit such an incredible circuit again has definitely added to the excitement over next year’s event. Is there a tiny possibility that Bernie knew all along that he needed the British GP on the calender, reached a deal with the BRDC but decided to keep it quiet for a tad longer so the story continued to be splashed across all the back pages, news channels and internet? We all know Bernie’s a clever little sod and he’s not afraid of playing with people’s hearts, whether its the team owners, drivers or fans.  Maybe this is just another classic example of Bernie playing the media as only he knows how.

Or maybe not. Just a thought…


One Response to “Silverstone 2010 – All just a clever PR rouse?”

  1. Hey Tom

    Interesting idea. Bernie is fascinating he really is. “They need to buy a pen” is the quote that stands out the most for me ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix when questioned about what the BRDC needed to do next. Top class!

    I think ticket buyers all believe everyone is going to buy tickets straight away so to avoid disappointment jump straight in and go for it. Silverstone is a big place though and you can be sure they are gonna fit every last one of the fans through those gates if the demand is there, so i’m sure sales will continue at pace into next year.

    Cheers for your support from the retweet as well, means a lot!


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