Spurs – Football Team or Harry’s Second Home?

My favourite footballer is Peter Crouch – great feet for a big man. The truest cliche ever. Great nickname too,  ‘the ladder’.  Turns out that a lot of the Spurs players have good nicknames. And also that  a lot them are associated with the home. Too many in fact. Has this been a deciding factor in Harry’s transfer policy? Crazy I hear you scream. Judge for yourself, but i think Harry’s trying to set himself up a little house of players:

Peter Crouch aka ‘the ladder’

Tom Huddlestone aka ‘the wardrobe’

Michael ‘Door’son

Johnathon Woodgate

Benoit Assou ‘a cot’o (for the baby)

Alan ‘Hut’ ton (like the garden shed, no?)

Wilson ‘Palace’ios (Harry’s home is a palace)

Danny Rose (Bush)

David Bentley (to do the school run in for Jamie)

Looks like a dead cert to me, all he needs to do is get some nice Deco(r)  in and he’ll have the lot.


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